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Field of Nightmares
Everyone has nightmares from time to time. The relief  upon waking up has always been realizing that "It was only a dream!" 
Find out what happens to fourteen year old Bobby Drysdale when the horrific events from his dreams start coming true.  Known around town as a potential major league ballplayer some day, his world slowly unravels as he becomes increasingly afraid to fall asleep as each nightmare is more terrifying than the last. Adding to his growing fear, Bobby is being haunted by a ghost who keeps appearing to him every time he is at the ballpark.
Soon alienated by his teammates because of his erratic behavior, Bobby's health deteriorates while his play on the field suffers.
Luckily, he still has one friend who believes in him, Jennifer Mango. Together, in a dangerous race against time, they must figure out what the dreams really mean and how the ghost of the town's founder, Enos Cotter is involved.  This roller coaster ride of fear will have you turning pages deep into the night.


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Coming Soon
Tumult's is hard at work on a thrilling novel-length ghost story.  The inspiration came from a family member who had a "paranormal experience" in her younger years.  She gave Tumult a series of notes she had written about the experiences and told him to tell her story.  This novel is being created from real events and real experiences and is sure to bring a chill to your spine. 

He is also working on a collection of short stories to be read as a story-a-day leading up to Halloween.  These stories include the creepy tale of a young man who makes the mistake of insulting a gyspsy on the subway. The Gypsy's Curse is guaranteed to leave you with your jaw dropped open and your heart pounding.

Plus in August 2012, a new short story, called White Light was published in "The Rampallian" magazine.  To visit the magazine, go to

There is only one author who can make his readers feel the perfect balance of fear and revulsion, and his name is Grayson Tumult.

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Freelance Writing

As well as being an accomplished author of fiction, Tumult is also available for hire as a freelance writer. He has years of experience writing grants, business plans, process documentation, and ghost writing for other fiction and non-fiction writers.  
Tumult has recently completed projects for User Manuals and How-to Videos in addition to managing communications for a local non-profit.

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close my eyes
Find out what happens when Jack Devlin opens his eyes to find out that he has died in a horrific car accident.  he learns of his death by reading the newspaper account through the eyes of a stranger. soon, Devlin finds that he is seeing everything that this stranger sees and the stranger is a serial predator.  Devlin is horrified at the unspeakable acts that he is being forced to witness but is powerless to stop.

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Each download includes an excerpt from an upcoming novel by Tumult, called "The Soul, Endless".
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